Professions of Cryptillia


Sometimes, there comes a need to dispose of unwanted material. This is where assassins come in. In Cryptillia, assassins belong to a guild, based in the northern city of Cryptillius Centralius. It costs a lot of money to hire out an assassin, usually a client will pay through the nose to see a certain person quickly 'disposed of'. Assassins are experts with poison and crossbows, and also often make use of strange weapons, unseen outside of the assassin's guild, similar to ninja stars, and often with lead or arsenic-coated edges. Assassins are experts at blending into the shadows and moving about unnoticed - contrary to popular belief, assassins do not travel only by night, wearing black robes, but will wear whatever is needed to not stand out in a crowd and to make a swift unnoticed getaway. If such clothing has concealed pouches in which to keep equipment, then all the better...


+2 to Skill
+1 to Sneak