Races of Cryptillia


Barbarians are an ancient offshoot of the Human race, who have, over thousands of years of isolation, become a race in themselves with their own beliefs, technologies and customs. It has only been a couple of years since Dwarven explorers re-discovered Barbarian-kind in the far northen wastes of Cryptillia, carefully producing the tools and equipment needed to survive from the hostile environment. Since this time, many Barbarian explorers have journeyed to the 'new' lands to the south, wishing to see for themselves the wonder and haven that is the great human empire. Because Barbarians have spent a large amount of time in isolation, they have had little time to develop allies and enemies, so they are, in general, neutral, trusting, and easy to negotiate with.


+3 to Stamina
-1 to Skill
-1 to Sneak
+1 to Speed


Extreme Strength (Stamina Score higher than normal)