Races of Cryptillia

Dark Elf

Long ago, several races of Cryptillia gathered together to form what is known as the 'Peace Pact'. This huge gathering of leaders from many races, including the Human Empire, the Elf Tribes and the Dwarves, was supposed to usher in a new era of peace on the planet. However, a corruption found its way into the meeting, and as the many great vessels of peace set out across the Great Sea to reach the neutral lands chosen for the meeting where the pact would be signed, and great magical energies would bind it, dark forces intervened, and several of the ships missed the all-important meeting upon the shores of that island. Storms, strange monsters and other phenomena swept whole armadas off course, never to arrive. One of these such armadas was a whole elven tribe, which over time, without the magical protection of the Peace Pact, came to hate all it stood for and began to work against it, subverting the very magic that holds a fragile peace in Cryptillia today. These elves soon became known as the 'Dark Elves'. They are untrustworthy and hateful of outsiders, and they would rather stab somebody in the back than negotiate openly, blending silently into the shadows to observe the world without being noticed.


-1 to Stamina
+2 to Skill
-4 to Luck
+2 to Sneak
+1 to Speed