Enemies  and Phenomena

Most of the cities in Utopia are run by the human race. The centre of human government is the sprawling city of Cryptillius Centralius, to the far north of the world of Cryptillia on a small island close to the Great Northern Wastes. Humankind is controlled by one emperor, who gives orders to several hundred lords and ladies who control sections of land across the entire planet. It is mostly up to these lords and ladies as to what is done in their land as the communication between these leaders and the emperor is extremely slow. The current human emperor, Haldrine IV, is very old, and will soon choose one of his many sons to succeed him – this means that the lords that in the most part control the human race currently have more control than ever.


The Militia


Cryptillian lords are required by royal law to recruit a peacekeeping force known as the militia. Militia presence is only required in urban areas, as sending them out into the countryside is a waste of time and money. The rights and role of the militia in each city is governed by the lord or lady of the city alone, however many militia forces are corrupt and controlled by their superiors who are only concerned with fooling the local lord into thinking they are successfully fighting crime. Militia are usually paid on a per-arrest basis, so be prepared to be arrested at least once during your quest, if only to bolster the men’s-men’s purses! The militia are authorised to use deadly force, on suspects as well as known criminals, and especially if a suspect resists arrest. Punishment for most crimes is harsh across Utopia and many other similar countries, which has in some ways kept crime to a minimum and held a fragile peace in the cities. It has been known for militia forces to hold an uprising and overthrow the rightful lord of the town. If this occurs, it is usually more convenient for the emperor to declare the new ruler of the town the official lord, and not intervene so long as royal command is upheld.


The First Age Of Magic


There once existed a time where all Cryptillia was plunged into darkness by a war of magic that lasted hundreds of years, known as the First Age Of Magic. This was before many races learned of the dangers of spell casting, and fully knew the gravity of the demonic threat posed by the energy around them. The war only ended when several wizards formed together into an alliance and signed a peace treaty between the elves, humans, and dwarves, which was reinforced by powerful magic to attempt to hold the peace for centuries, if not forever. Unfortunately, several races failed to turn up to the meeting due to what is believed to have been demonic intervention. Some of these races included the Orc empire and several Elven tribes, which later became known as the Dark Elves. Because of this, everlasting peace can never be a reality, as these races always have an agenda to destroy all the Peace Pact stands for and destroy the upholders of the treaty once and for all.




Demons are a very real and proven threat in the world of Cryptillia. They exist as pure energy, but as energy and matter are interchangeable, they are able to make themselves solid at their own will. Demons are one of the original races to inhabit the world of Cryptillia before human and orckind arrived over three thousand years ago. Demons and their energy realm are one of the many reasons for magic and magical items existing on Cryptillia as they do today. Demons have a contempt and hatred for all matter-based creatures, thinking them to be inferior. Demonic entities are extremely intelligent, and have traveled not only across the whole of Cryptillia but surrounding star systems too, not needing such a fragile environment as humans. To do any considerable damage to the physical world, a Demon must possess a physical creature by mapping its own energy into the same form as a neural pattern of a humanoid creature, and transferring itself directly into the mind of a that creature, completely overwriting what was there before. This takes some time and effort so usually a distraction is needed – quite often a ceremony or a spell casting long enough for the energy to move into place. It also takes a great deal of accuracy so is best achieved while a creature is sleeping as the Demon has to synchronise itself completely with its host, to ensure that bodily functions such as heartbeat are maintained – it is a very hard task for a Demon to undertake, but, when this occurs, all that made the physical creature what it was ceases to exist, and the demon controls the creature’s physical body to do as it desires. This usually involves wreaking havoc on the physical world, clearing the way for Demons to inhabit Cryptillia as they had done for millions of years before humanity arrived. Only the most powerful of wizards knows the gravity of this threat to all physical life, and there is little they can do except warn others with enough intelligence to understand, amassing a secret army for the time when their judgment arrives…