Races of Cryptillia


Goblins are a slave race, kept in chains by the Orc tribes. Having limited intelligence, but being clever and witty enough to perform simple tasks, this makes them preferable to Lesser Orcs for such duties as feeding boar and slitting the throats of captured horses ready for the regular battle-banquets. Goblins possess a calculative but simple mind, and when several goblins pool their resources and work together, they may rebel, overthrowing their Orc overseers en masse and swarming out of the camp to lead lives of their own in the wilderness. As they are only the size of Dwarves, the kinds of weapons they may wield is usually quite limited, but this is made up for by the fact that goblins can be extremely hard to score a hit on in combat.


-1 to Stamina
-1 to Skill
+1 to Luck
+1 to Sneak